What folks are saying...

"I just watched. Beautiful and so sad."
-Jennifer K. [Minneapolis, Minnesota]

"HEAVY topic, but I really liked it. Your films always combine light, color and music in a creative and artistic manner. Actions - little things - drive your films. Also, your use of camera angles brings a different feel to your films. It certainly made me think about times - good and bad."
Jim W. [St. Paul, Minnesota]

"Great work Tim & Pete! A job well done!!"
-Wade D. [Bismarck, North Dakota]

"Nice change of mood Tim, Switch to the true "Human"Positive Higher attributes neatly encapsulated a tug at the heart strings ,"Play It Again Sam."
-George B. [Andover, United Kingdom]

"I saw it! You should be very proud. The doing is great. And the story is sweet. Where do I nominate it for an Oscar?"
-Kathy D. [Minnetonka, Minnesota]


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Where was My Sweet Love filmed?
The majority of My Sweet Love was filmed in and around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota. Certain shots of the Ferris wheel at night, the ocean and boardwalk for the dream sequence were filmed separately in Santa Monica, California.

What was this shot with?
We had a two camera set-up for most scenes. Canon 5D Mark iii and a Canon 60D for more rugged shots, such as underwater and strapping to the hood of a moving vehicle.

What frame rate was this shot in?
24 fps

Are Kyle's tattoos real?
Yes, Santino Craven who plays Kyle, sports his real tattoos in My Sweet Love.

Why are some of the stills reversed?
Great question! The stills are actually not reversed. What you see reversed are the scenes in the film. For the bedroom scene, we actually shot everything reversed. So the clock and any items that you see there were printed in reverse then flipped in editing. Why you ask? The director originally visioned the shots like this and set the scene to mimic that vision. Being the room we shot this in had an old radiator mounted to the wall we wanted to shoot on, it was decided to reverse the entire set. For the scenes in the forest, these are reversed to align with the scenes during the picnic conversation.

How did you film that car crash?
We'll include this in a director commentary version soon. Stay tuned or subscribe in the contact area for updates.

Will we get to see any deleted scenes?
Yes. To keep the film around 14 minutes, we had to cut a ton of great shots. That said, we plan to release some deleted scenes as well as a director commentary version of this film. Stay tuned or subscribe in the contact area for updates.

Will there be a full feature version of this film?
Anything's possible. We'd like to get some visibility to this short film and definitely build a fan base.

The art of film can only really exist through a highly organized betrayal of reality.

via – François Truffaut

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